How to Buy a Laundry Basket

(Note that when I say ‘laundry basket’ I am referring to the basket I tote clean laundry around in. I’m not referring to a laundry sorter or any other basket I put dirty clothes in. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.)


I’ve owned many laundry baskets in my life.  Some baskets were lovely and girly and some were more functional.

My personal preference?

I choose the functional laundry basket every time.

I’ve learned that in this case, functional is better and makes my Laundry Life easier.  If a super cute, practical laundry basket was on the market, I’d be first in line.  Until then, I’ll stick with my plain old drab ones that get the job done.

Choosing the best laundry hamper means considering its size and structure as well as its looks. If you’re going to place the hamper in a bathroom, you may choose a very different one from one you may choose for a closet or behind the bedroom door. If you have a large, central laundry room that family members are expected to bring their dirty clothes to, several labeled hampers may work best. For some people, especially those living in apartments without in-suite laundry, a hamper on wheels can be beneficial. Any type of laundry hamper you choose should have some form of ventilation in it to keep clothes from souring or mildewing.

Mama has several criteria when purchasing a laundry basket. Here they are in no particular order:

Buy a Basket with Sturdy Handles

A laundry basket with sturdy handles is an absolute must.  I detest a basket that has handles that bend when I pick it up.  You know with 6 people living in my house that our laundry baskets are piled high and that makes them heavy.  I need a basket where the handles stay put and can bear the weight of our laundry.

Make Sure it has a Rectangular Shape

I owned a round laundry basket when I lived alone and it was fine for just one person’s laundry.  It was always a pet peeve of mine that I couldn’t stack folded clothes in it, though.  Since the basket was round, it could only hold one stack of folded towels or one stack of shirts.

It is rare that I stack a load of folded clothes in a laundry basket, but in the event that I do, I want it to be a rectangle.  A round basket is completely impractical, in my opinion.

Plastic Baskets

While dirty laundry rarely smells wonderful, it can become extremely bad smelling if the hamper doesn’t contain some air holes. Damp items may mildew or just get a sour odor. Even if a laundry hamper has no lid, clothes on the bottom may still not receive enough air to prevent mildew or odor unless the sides are vented. Wicker or rattan hampers usually have enough air allowance, as do porous canvas-lined hampers. Plastic hampers with very large holes often let in the most air, but they may not be that durable and crack or split over time.

Canvas Bags

Plastic hampers usually cost the least, while wicker or rattan can be much longer lasting for the money. Canvas laundry bags on a folding wood frame can be a space-saving yet portable option, as can metal basket hampers with a cloth lining and wheels. Hampers with wheels allow people with a washer and dryer on the same floor, or with an elevator to get to laundry facilities, a much easier option than having to lug a heavy basket a fair distance. In this way, a hamper on wheels can eliminate the need for an additional laundry basket, so this option can be especially helpful for small living spaces.

Only Buy a Laundry Basket with a Smooth Finish

Have you ever had a basket (think wicker) that snagged your laundry?  I despise that.  There’s nothing worse than having a nice knit shirt that has been picked because it got caught on the edge of my laundry basket

I completely avoid the whole issue and buy only laundry baskets that have a smooth finish.  I’ve only found plastic ones that are smooth, so plastic it is.

Steer Clear of the ‘Hip’ Laundry Baskets

You’ve seen those laundry baskets that are curved to fit around your hip, right?  They seem like they would be a good idea.  However, if you routinely stack folded clothes in your basket, they aren’t ideal.  As with the round baskets, they just don’t stack clothes well.

Make Sure Your Basket is Vented

All laundry baskets need to have vents, even if you only transport clean laundry in them like I do.  Vents are just the little holes that are all throughout the sides of the basket, allowing the laundry inside to breathe.  Laundry baskets that do not have vents tend to harbor more static electricity. If you do use your basket for dirty laundry, it must be vented so your laundry doesn’t mildew.  Mold and mildew are hard to remove from clothing, so avoid the problem all together and just go vented.

In a large, family-style laundry room, sectioned hampers can work well to organize whites, colors, darks and delicates. Some families keep the sectioned laundry hampers in the room and store a laundry basket for each family member on a shelf so that he or she can take the cleaned items to put away. For smaller areas, a taller laundry hamper is typically used rather than a sectioned type. The kind of hamper designed to display in a bathroom is usually more decorative than other types; you may want to choose one that is part of a set that includes a facial tissue cover, soap dispenser, tray or other accessory items.

Cactus Laundry Basket

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Flamingo Laundry Basket 

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Rolling Slim Laundry Basket

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