How To Choose Right Table Mats

For a lot of homes placemats serve as small protective mats to a dining table. But with smart choices, table mats could become an extension of your interior décor and contribute to the overall look and feel of your home.

If you’re the kind who has never put much thought before buying table mats, this guide is for you. There are multiple factors that can affect the purchase of a table mat to make it the optimum choice for your lifestyle and personal style.


Placemats are available in various materials, there is plastic, wood, PVC, bamboo, glass and leather but the most common option for households are fabrics like cotton, lace, linen and suede. Fabric mats are the best when it comes to heat absorption, which is one of the useful purposes of a placemat.



If you’ve got children in the house, options like glass are risky. Another common issue is spillage with children around. As compared to other materials, if you pick a thick fabric table mat or one with high absorption qualities it’ll do your table good.


The size of your placemat is directly dependent on the size of your dining table. Ideally, placemats are supposed to be broad and wide enough to hold one persons table belongings. A plate, fork, spoon, a bowl and a glass. You should ensure that the size of the mat allows for extra space on the table to fit other things as well.

The most common placemat size is 33×45 cm


The colour of your placemats co-relate to two things – the colours of your dining table or table cloth and the general colour theme of your house. Pick table mat colours that compliment your table cloth, otherwise they could end up getting lost visually or create a jarring contrast to the eye. Similarly, it is best if the table mats suit the theme of your interiors, pick color combinations that enhance your dining table, dining room curtains, or chair cushions. It’ll help in bringing about harmony to your home’s color and design palette.


An extension of the above point, placemats should match your decor in terms of home setting. If you have a modern or ethnic feel to your interiors, the table mats you pick should match it to ensure the best results.


If you choose to buy fabric table mats, ensure regular washing and ironing of the mats to give you a clean and hygienic dining experience.


Keep two or three sets of table mats for your convenience; one for everyday use and others for special occasions. The everyday table mats should be less expensive so as to deal with usual wear and tear and the fancy ones can be saved for guests.

You could even go one step ahead and select holiday themed table mats like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year  to spice up family dinners and get together.

Using a table mat on the dining table for most of us is more of a utility factor. But, if you really think about the usage of the table mat, they can be an excellent decorative item on the dining table. The table mat is not restricted to the dining tables at home or at a restaurant. You can use the mats in your bedroom, living room, or on the corner table tops, and so on.

Using table mats not only protects the table linen and table top but also has many other advantages. Apart from being hygienic, they can brighten the look of your place without calling for excessive spending. A variety of tablemats made of different materials are available today which are not only cost effective but have an elegant look as well. Some of the varieties available in the table mat are fabric, plastic, bamboo, crochet, leather, jute, etc in the market. The mats can vary from sophisticated to whacky, ethnic to modern, and the list is endless.

It does not matter what type of table mats you choose for your dining table, always keep the theme and decoration in mind. Consider the size of the dining table, before buying a table mat. Ensure that table mats leave enough space on the table to place dishes while eating. The colour of the dining table should complement the dining mats. Dark-colour table tops should be decorated with lighter colour mats and vice versa. You can use any type of table mats for glass table tops as long as they complement the look of the room.

Following are some pointers that you can go through, before choosing a table mat.

  • Consider the long term investment, (especially if you are planning to use a table mat in your restaurant) while choosing the table mat.
  • Understand the cost of maintaining the mat as it may be much more than the initial price.
  • While most of the table mats are available off the shelf, look for the manufacturers who can customize them for you. There is nothing like personalizing your table mats.
  • Try to take some time off, when you are procuring table mats for your restaurant; it will go a long way in increasing profits as well as enhancing the appearance.
  • Replace the mats at regular intervals. It will give a fresh look to your restaurant without you spending excessively on renovating. Ideally, you must replace the mats once in three months but it should never be more than a year before you buy new mats.
  • It does not matter what type of mat you choose for your dining table. Always keep the theme and decoration in mind. For example, for ethnic setting, colorful table mats will be perfect and for modern and chic setting, choose simple and subtle leather or plastic designs.
  • If you have children at home, try to buy waterproof and stain-resistant table mats. They are easy to wash and stay new for a longer time. These table mats are generally available in plastic, wood, metal and leather materials. There are also eco-friendly table mats made of recycled materials.
  • Change your table mats often to give a fresh look to your dining room. Keep two separate sets of table mats – one for daily use and the other for special occasions.


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