How to Choose a Diaper Bag


Finding the perfect diaper bag, like finding any perfect accessory, really depends on your personal preferences. You may be happiest with a repurposed purse or backpack from your closet, or you may fall in love with a fancy diaper bag complete with insulated bottle pockets and a matching changing pad.

No matter your style, you’ll need a bag for all your baby essentials—which probably means more than just diapers. Here are some general factors to look for when selecting a diaper bag:

Plenty of Space
You’ll need a lot of gear when you bring a newborn on the go. Plan on putting at least 5 diapers, 1-2 baby outfits to change into, bottles and a blanket in your bag, along with your own essentials like wallet and keys. If you can, it’s also useful to fit an extra shirt for yourself in case the baby spits up.

Easy to Clean
Your diaper bag is going to live most of its life in close proximity to poop and spit up, so you may want to steer clear of materials that stain easily or are hard to clean.

Easy to Share
If other people will be taking care of your baby regularly, such as your partner or a nanny, it’s good to get their input as well. That way, you can choose a style that everyone likes.

Extra Features
Many diaper bags have hooks that let you hang them on your stroller handles. That’s a plus if you plan on taking long walks with your stroller, but first make sure your stroller is sturdy and balanced enough to not tip over. Look for interior pockets—they’re a handy way to keep things organized in a space as big as your diaper bag. Insulated bottle pockets are also a big plus if you’re using bottles (and a great way to keep your own water cold). And a zippered opening is a nice way to ensure nothing will fall out when you bend over to pick up your baby.

For a few weeks now, I’ve had all my baby’s clothes washed and folded and the nursery stocked with diapers and other supplies. The one big baby item that took me a long time to choose was a diaper bag. I started by doing some internet research on the best diaper bags, and I learned quickly that there’s a lot of information out there. Apparently diapers bags are a big deal to many women! As I pondered this, I realized that I’ve always enjoyed choosing the best purse or bag for different purposes, and I could apply the same thinking to the new challenge of picking a diaper bag.

The first consideration for me is always practical. What will I be using the bag for, and how easily will this or that design serve that purpose? This is an area in which my research paid off, since I didn’t know for sure what moms need to carry in a diaper bag! I decided that I wanted a bag with compartments for different items so that they are easy to find. I’ve owned large bags with no compartments before and it’s really hard to find things in them.

My second consideration is durability. I’ve also had purses where the lining tore and items started to disappear under the lining. I knew the diaper bag will get lots of use and I was willing to spend a bit more to be sure it will hold up. In the end , the bag I decided on was inexpensive but had great reviews on Amazon.

Finally, I consider the appearance of a bag. There are diaper bags to fit every personal style, so this was the fun part.

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