Clay Mask Review

Pearls, not diamonds, might just be a girl’s best friend. Founder and CEO of Alitura Naturals, Andy Hnilo has made it his and his company’s mission to create high quality skincare using Mother Nature’s finest ingredients from around the world.  The Alitura Clay Mask is no exception. This all-in-one facial treatment has a custom blend of nine nutrient-dense ingredients  that help exfoliate the skin, minimize pores, and boosts new skin cell growth. As a clay mask enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to try out the Alitura’s Natural Clay Mask with pearl powder and put this unique product to the test.  Now with a few weeks of trying out this clay mask on myself, a friend and two aunts, I can now share with you our experience using the Alitura Clay Mask.

The Inspiration behind the Product

The inspiration behind the creation of the Alitura Clay Mask is compelling and inspirational. As an elite athlete, actor, model and skincare guru, Andy Hnilo has created a skincare line dedicated to healing. An area that touches home for him. Coming close to losing his life a few years ago from a hit-in-run accident while crossing a street, Hnilo’s recovery would take everything he had. But rather than surrendering to fear or despair, his unwavering determination led to a worldwide search for the perfect remedy. It was during his recovery that he got the inspiration and motivation for his skincare company and his line of high quality skincare products.

Testing out the Alitura Clay Mask

alitura naturals, skincare, alitura clay mask, clay mask, dry skin, restore, acne, bblogger, review, andy hnilo, beauty products, beauty review, organic skincareAs a CA State and Nationally licensed Asian Medicine Herbologist, I was immediately impressed with the quality and blend of ingredients in the Alitura Clay Mask and knew this could definitely be a game changer. Some of the ingredients that stood out to me included the freshwater pearl powder and American ginseng, which together makes a potent combination in skincare as they are known for brightening, refreshing, and rejuvenating the skin. Adjustments made to skin tone is also noted, all are desirable results. Other notable ingredients found in the clay mask include L-Ascorbic Acid, green desert clay, organic kelp powder, and colostrum–all great for repairing and restoring the skin.

Growing up in a traditional Chinese home with plenty of DIY home and beauty remedies, pearl powder was always highly regarded in our home. A fun fact, Pearl powder can also be used in herbal teas as it is said to help treat from the inside out.

Unlike other clay masks on the market, the Alitura Clay Mask comes in a powder form. All you need is water (or apple cider vinegar) to activate the product, and voila… a delightful mask appears. The mask has a sweet, raw, and earthy essence, but not off putting whatsoever.

alitura naturals, skincare, alitura clay mask, clay mask, dry skin, restore, acne, bblogger, review, andy hnilo, beauty products, beauty review, organic skincareI personally mixed it with VOSS water to create a great at home luxurious spa experience. Have to say that my inner alchemist was over the moon excited as I poured the clay mask in a glass bowl and began the whole mixing process.

After mixing process was over, I was left with a light, airy, and mousse-like mask. The consistency made it easy to spread it evenly on my face with little to no fuss. The instant coolness felt absolutely refreshing.  I washed the masked off after fifteen minutes. Just on the first use, I felt my skin softer and more hydrated. In order to see the extended results, I kept using the clay mask for a week or so, skipping every other day. And I was impressed.

Besides the noticeable improvements in my skin, I also  have enjoyed the overall experience of using this product. The home sessions made it feel like I was being treated to a spa day right from my home and the day’s worries and concerns just simply drifted away. And as someone who appreciates when a product offers a unique experience, I love how this clay mask not only affected my physical appearance positively, but also my emotional appearance as well.

Trying the Product on Family and Friends

As soon as I mentioned fresh water pearl powder to my aunts, they jumped in ready to mix up their own batches and try out this mask for themselves. “This is the modern updated version of an ancient recipe we grew up with in the days as kids!”

Now the sweet-smelling mask was an obvious hit with them too, as it brought back many pleasant childhood memories for them. After just the first use, my aunts were impressed with how Alitura Clay Mask helped purify the skin and even the skin tone. They couldn’t ask for better results.

I brought this clay mask to a friend of mine who was diagnosed with psoriasis on his elbows only, to see whether this product could benefit him. Now we both were more than aware that this product made no medical claims to cure or treat psoriasis, but being a bit of a free thinker and creative type, my friend still wanted to test the product on his elbows to see if it would succeed where other lotions and moisturizers had failed.

His skin is intact without any fissures, as seen in the photos of his right elbow. After diligently applying the mask for 7 days, to his surprise the dryness was alleviated. He has continued to be extremely pleased with how restorative and hydrating the Alitura Clay Mask has been, and plans to continue using this clay mask to see the long term benefits.

The final verdict?

We all loved the Clay Mask and are so fortunate to have discovered Andy’s treasure. We highly recommend it to individuals searching for a great, unique clay mask to add to their beauty routine.


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