How to Choose the Best USB Charging Station?

Our electronics, including smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and much more, give to us many individual chargers. Just one cable makes it possible for your freedom from getting individual chargers for every device.

We normally have multiple devices to charge regularly. If you are using individual chargers that are included with each device, then you’ll rapidly use many outlets to be able to charge your phone, tablet, and then any other device.

A choice is that you may get yourself a power strip and plug all of the individual chargers into that strip. However, that’s an inefficient solution, since each charger operates on a person AC to Electricity transformer.

A simpler complicated solution that reduces clutter and it is more energy-efficient is to employ a multi-port USB charging station. This product enables you to employ just one power outlet for just one transformer and offers the capacity to four or even more USB ports. Various kinds of USB charging stations can be found, so you will need to make sure to research features offered when thinking about an order.

Choosing the Correct USB Charging Station

Because there are numerous models available in an array of costs, choosing the best charging station may become complicated. That will help you pick which would best meet your requirements, think about the options outlined below.

  • UL certification. Safety certification through the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is a vital designation. Since there have been numerous very poor and uncertified chargers readily available for purchase, they’re not only less energy-efficient, but could also possibly damage your devices as well as produce a fire hazard. Thinking about that lots of people use their chargers within their bedrooms, safety factors are critical.
  • The quantity of ports. You have to make certain you possess a sufficient quantity of ports to charge all of your electronics. Should you presently have two devices, for instance, then don’t limit you to ultimately a charging station with simply two ports. The main difference in cost between models is minor once the system is priced based on some ports.

Make sure to allow yourself room to grow by buying a charger with increased ports than you presently need. This should help you an objective of reducing clutter by utilizing just one outlet whenever you expand your inventory of electronics that need charging.

  • USB cables. Utilizing a substandard USB cable can hinder full-power charging of the devices. Although the cables that are included with smartphones are sufficient, a few of the generic micro USB cables don’t work perfectly. If you’ve ever learned that your digital camera loses its charge for a short while, then you’re probably utilizing a charger that gives inadequate capacity to that device.
  • Various port amperages. USB ports on charging stations have various amperage yields, that make an impact in how rapidly your devices charge you.

Fundamental USB amperage outputs are 1A, 2.1A, and a pair of.4A. All USB devices charge you on lower amperage ports, but devices with large batteries need a longer period to recharge completely on lower amperages. For bigger batteries, you will need to possess some greater amperage ports for recharging.

When you are evaluating some chargers with equal features and similarities in cost, then it’s usually a good decision to decide on the charger with increased 2.1A or 2.4A ports.

Despite the fact that chargers can have a similar connector, different chargers may charge at various speeds. Bigger, more effective devices require chargers that function in a greater quantity of milliamps. If you buy a brand new charger, make sure to acquire one that gives the absolute minimum amperage as the device requires.

Charging Station Forms

USB charging stations appear in the types of wall chargers, corded chargers, and organizers. The shape you decide on usually depends on personal preference, in addition to where you’ll be while using the device.

A wall charger is a single unit resembling a ripper tools box that plugs into the wall, without using extra time cord. This area plug affixed to the outlet and all sorts of USB device cords get placed into the box plug.

A corded charger is essentially just like a wall charger, except it features a cord tie towards the outlet. It has the additional advantage for the reason that it offers more movement for you personally, along with the plug may be used in smaller sized spaces than the usual wall-mounted charger.

An organizer-style charging station is bigger and it has slots, racks, or caddies to place all of your devices.

Specialty Features

The fundamental features outlined above tend to be more essential than any niche features that could accompany a charging station. However, you will find instances where additional features do merit mentioning. Some chargers have ports with niche circuits to make use of the advantages of various fast-charge technologies. Others can include wireless charging, with their regular USB ports to be able to allow you to set your wireless charging device straight on the top.

For several users there’s no advantage when deciding on a charging station with device-specific features, but, for those who have a tool that props up specific features, you might contemplate it advantageous to invest the additional money.


Getting some understanding regarding USB chargers and cables, you will be able to discover the perfect charger to suit your needs. You may also eliminate that power-strip that contains numerous individual chargers cluttering your counter top or any other area of your house by consolidating chargers.

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USB C Charging Dock

Switch Accessories that use USB

  • Switch console: Has just one USB Type-C port on the bottom. This single port can connect the Switch to the dock to charge, provide video+audio output, and connect to USB 3.1 accessories all at the same time.
  • Nintendo AC Adapter: This is a USB Type-C and USB-PD 39W AC adapter. For best compatibility, this is the only AC adapter you should use with the dock, but you can also use it to charge an undocked Switch or any other USB Type-C accessories. The 2m (6ft) cable is non-removable.
  • Switch dock: Inside the dock, a USB Type-C connector connects to the Switch console. It has two USB Type-A 2.0 ports on the front, one USB Type-A 3.1 port on the back, and a USB Type-C port on the back exclusively for power which you should use with the included official AC adapter. The Type-A ports will provide power even when the Switch isn’t docked.
  • Pro Controller: Has one USB Type-C port on the top for charging and pairing. It includes a 1.5m (5ft) USB-A to USB-C cable that you can use to charge it from the USB-A ports on the dock or any other device you own. You can also charge it directly from a USB-C AC adapter and ignore the included cable. It also supports using USB to automatically pair or for sending inputs without wireless interference (since Switch System 3.0.0).
  • Wired Controllers: As of Switch System 3.0.0, you can use wired controllers as a substitute for Pro Controllers in every game. The Hori Pokkén Controller (Wii U/Switch), Hori USB Pro Controller, and Hori Fight Stick currently work. The Wii U GameCube adapter does NOT work.
  • Joy-Con Charging Grip: Unlike the grip bundled with the system, this one includes a USB-C port which you can use to charge the attached Joy-Cons. Like the Pro Controller, it includes a USB-A to USB-C cable and can transmit inputs over USB.
  • Hori Switch Car Charger: This is a 15W (5V/3A) USB Type-C charger that you can use with car power outlets to charge the Switch or any USB-C accessories. Officially licensed by Nintendo.

Switch won’t normally have any USB Type-A ports when undocked but you can still connect compatible USB-A accessories by using any normal USB-C OTG-like (Standard-A Receptacle) adapter or USB-C hub. This means you can use Ethernet adapters in handheld mode.

Because the dock’s front USB ports are limited to USB 2.0, you’ll get better results from the rear port for Gigabit Ethernet adapters or any future accessories that depend on high data speeds.

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