A Great Waist Belt Pack

Smartphone, iphones, ipods and that ipads it appears as if it is quite impossible to undergo our days with no whole variety of gizmos and gadgets. Even if exercising, it is not easy to shake that persistent urge to check on our Facebook status or twitter feed, as well as the everyday requirements of keys and wallets that we have to keep close to hands. That is why the exercise belt is becoming a nearly non-negotiable area of the modern workout.

Despite a universe of belts already available on the market, the great people at Nathan Sports have tossed their hat into the ring using the Nathan 5k runner’s waist pack. Just how will it shape facing your competition?

There’s already a lot of similar products to choose from…

The Nathan 5k never was supposed to have been revolutionary. Its simple design seeks to capitalize on the attempted and tested approach with regards to exercise belts, namely mixing enough space to store all of your exercise-time requirements using the comfort and safety that it is two zippered pouches afford. The fully adjustable belt is flexible enough to support everybody from your 18 to 55-inch waist, and therefore regardless if you are a lengthy-time health aficionado or simply someone doing it with a brand new Year fitness resolution, this belt would be the perfect fit.

Using the additional benefit from the 3M Scotchlite reflective surface, users can tell they’re visible even on their own night-time runs although its already sleek exterior could be complemented by certainly one of four available colors. Its primary advantage, however, is the weight. In a mere 1.9 oz when empty, it is among the more lightweight belts available on the market and goes practically undetected when you get a mind of steam.

Surely there must be some downsides…

Well, that’s regrettably most evident. Once you go ahead and take Nathan 5k from its packaging, it’s immediately apparent the materials that it is created aren’t of the greatest quality. You can say if feels rather cheap. With all this rather tightfisted method of the merchandise design then, it’s hardly surprising the reports from users to whom the belt is becoming prematurely unusable, sometimes within per month, because of a variety of frayed ends and seams becoming split for only some uses.

Many of these complaints center around the Nathan 5k’s zippers which regularly become jammed or just appear within the hands. To be honest, poor people workmanship displayed with this method is way too present with just be wiped off like a faulty product.

Anything else I should know?

If it is not enough for you personally, many users have were not impressed with the Nathan 5k’s lack of ability in which to stay place once they run, either riding up round the chest or inside sliding underneath the waist the issue, because it is with many belts, a lot more normal with women compared to men. There’ve even been reports the Nathan 5k is becoming detached altogether which, when traveling at any great pace, can lead to an extremely nasty trip or fall.

Less seriously although a lot more common, may be the oft-heard complaint the fully adjustable belt leaves a lot of strapping hanging loose. To basically probably the most rotund of the user, the 55-inch waist is excessive, meaning all of this extra room remains liberated to dangle, a persistent irritation not only to the wearer but anybody they might be exercising alongside. With simply two pouches space is confined, meaning you will probably have to visit some effort to suit your possessions, something that may result in from scratched I-phone screens to bent charge cards.

So should I look elsewhere?

In a nutshell, yes. As the Nathan 5k certainly didn’t make an effort to break any new ground if this found exercise belts, its primary problem is it simply doesn’t carry out the basics good enough to earn a suggestion. As continues to be pointed out long, the types of materials used appear cheap and flimsy as the zipper is vulnerable to an entire listing of problems serious enough to render it unusable.

Given even the unremarkable quantity of space for storage available along with a cost-tag that resembles some other more reliable belts available on the market, the Nathan 5k appears to provide little that may ‘t be found more reliably elsewhere. You will find a lot of other exercise belts available to risk expending cash on the one that might need to get replaced merely a couple of several weeks later. A disappointing effort from the respected brand. Best avoid.

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