This Chainmail Scrubber Makes Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet Effortless

Cleaning a cast iron skillet could be a daunting task if you’ve never tried it before, or you just aren’t comfortable with the thought of ruining your ideal seasoning job. Cleaning cast iron skillets could be counterproductive, but that’s are they all so brilliant – it preserves the very best areas of your cooking and actively works to flavor every dish you are making it.

Before You Start: The First Test: Cast Iron Pan

Since these chain-mail scrubbers were particularly created for cleaning cast iron, I began with my beloved cast iron pan. I personally use my cast iron skillet daily to make bacon and eggs, cooking dinner, or baking desserts. I have been focusing on its remedy for 12 years – it is not a treasure yet. However, i hope it will likely be eventually.

Probably the most abrasive factor I have ever employed for scrubbing my cast iron is kosher salt, and so I was incredibly nervous to wash stainless on its surface. The very first couple of occasions I made use of my Mister Scrubbington I had been amazed at just how much I enjoyed it – it easily cleaned stuck-on bits from the pan and also the scrubber itself was simple to clean. However the third or 4th time, I began realizing some patches and wee flaking within the cure of my skillet. This immediately ended my Mister Scrubbington and cast iron skillet test – I wasn’t prepared to ruin my cure, for you, dear readers. I am now also reluctant to test another chain-mail scrubbers available on the market. They simply appear unnecessary and too dangerous!

So where do you turn, then, when it’s time to provide that ol’ cast iron pan a scrub lower? You bust out this chainmail scrubber cleaning tool that you could order on (with Prime shipping, believe it or not) for under $15.00. Seriously.

I do not think an item review means anything unless of course there’s a little bit of personal expertise tossed in, so I’m formally proclaiming that this is actually the smartest choice I’ve found to clean gunk from my cast iron skillet which I use four nights each week.

I’ve got a 10-inch Lodge cast iron that is ideal for how big our kitchen right now, and that I alternate that pan with my 12-inch cast iron enamel skillet I really like . The chainmail scrubber helps me clean both pans easily, which isn’t easy once the rules for cleaning cast iron are filled with no-nos.

To wash cast iron cookware, you shouldn’t: use soap, use steel made of wool, or place it in the dishwasher. Individuals three don’ts will strip the seasoning completely or allow it to be impossible for the cast iron to dry rust-free. If there’s one factor that may ruin a cast iron skillet, it’s rust. To avoid that, I personally use the straightforward salt and paper towel technique.

After cooling my cast iron, I pour warm water into the pan about three tablespoons ocean salt. I love the bigger flakes of ocean salt with this task over kosher salt, but any ol’ salt you’ve around works. For those who have a larger cast iron than 10 inches, you can utilize 1/4 cup. I begin with salt to simply obtain the food residue from the pan since I realize that I’ll need to go to this task anyways.

The easiest way I discovered to wash cast iron was to utilize a sponge, but this is when the chainmail scrubber altered my existence. Rather of ruining one sponge per cast iron clean, this chainmail scrubber makes my cleaning routine that rather more effective.

I merely run warm water into the skillet and slowly move the scrubber round the whole skillet, pressing harder in spots to get rid of crusty bits. The gunk is caught between your rings from the oral appliance seamlessly pulls up persistent items of the blackened chicken skin or large (burnt) bits of minced garlic clove that stuck towards the pan.

Using salt is hardly necessary any longer since the rings are extremely effective. So that’s saving me cash on sponges and salt, which just like any home prepare knows, is an essential component inside your kitchen.

To complete the procedure, Once more the seasoning process after every serious scrubbing. I dry up the skillet on low heat around the stove, I then re-season it. That’s just adding an easy coat of Crisco shortening round the entire pan (make certain to obtain the handle, sides, outdoors, and bottom) on the paper towel.

You may also make use of oil (canola oil or vegetable oil). However, i like the control from the shortening because it’s thicker. I take yet another paper towel and clean up the surplus oil. You would like shiny, not sticky. That’s important: shiny, not sticky.

Exactly What is a Scrubbington Scrubber?

Mister Scrubbington is really a variation around the popular “chain-mail”-style scrubbers – that’s a scrubber produced from stainless rings linked together such as the medieval-style armor. Unlike other scrubbers within this category, Mister Scrubbington’s chain-mail is wrapped around a squishy polymer core that’s supposedly docile in your hands and also the pan. It’s touted to be simple to clean (sometimes it can go within the dishwasher, although other chain-mail scrubbers can, too) cheap it’ll essentially last forever.

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